North Of Qatar Tour

North of Qatar , Qatar

North Of Qatar Tour

Duration :   6 Hours
The Price :   ر.ق380.00
Start Location:   Doha – Qatar

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North Of Qatar Tour: Explore the Timeless Beauty of Northern Qatar

Step into a world where history, nature, and culture intertwine on our exclusive North Of Qatar Tour. Led by expert guides, we’ll transport you through centuries, unveiling the rich tapestry of traditions that make this region a mesmerizing blend of past and present.

Our journey begins at the historic harbor of Al Khor, a once-thriving hub of pearl diving and fishing. Feel the stories of bygone eras come alive, enveloping you in tales of bravery, passion, and enterprise. As the whispers of the past fade, the serene allure of Al Thakira’s mangroves beckons. Let the cool wind ruffle your hair as you immerse yourself in the green splendor of this coastal gem.

History enthusiasts will be spellbound by our next stop: the ancient Al-Jassasiya Mosque. Here, every stone, every arch, stands as a silent custodian of Qatar’s rich heritage.

The heart of our voyage lies ahead at the iconic Zubara Fort, Qatar’s crowning jewel and its inaugural UNESCO World Heritage Site. As you traverse its grounds, you’re walking on layers of history, where every grain of sand has a story to tell. Feel the palpable energy of ongoing excavations, where modern-day archaeologists race against time to unearth and preserve the secrets of this monumental fortress.

Our journey winds its way to a quaint traditional Qatari village. Experience the rustic charm of homes built from limestone and mud, a beautiful testament to the time-tested architectural marvels of the region. And as we approach Al Shamal, on the clearest of days, cast your gaze to the horizon, where the shimmering outlines of Bahrain dance in the distance.

Northern Qatar is not just a region; it’s a tapestry of tales, a symphony of sights, and a dance of traditions. Come, let’s traverse its landscapes together, unraveling its mysteries with every step.

Your passage through the soul of Qatar awaits. Reserve your place and let us guide you through this cultural odyssey.

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What To Bring
  • Snacks
  • Water
  • Sunblock
  • Hat and Sunglasses
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  • Your place within Doha _ Qatar
Terms And Conditions
  • Booking should be 24hours in advance with payment
  • Please find the age classification below:
  • Below 3years – infant free of charge
  • Between 3years to 12years – children
  • Above 12years are adult

What's Included

  • Meal
  • Refreshment
  • Tour Guide
  • Transportation


  • City Tours

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